Experiencing high frequency whine when hooked up via Bluetooth to my Alto Trouper

Just bought an Alto Trouper from Amazon. Everything is good except the Bluetooth connection. There is a persistent high frequency whine when hooked up via Bluetooth. It's driving me nuts. It's there before the music is played and I can hear it in the music when I play my ipod or computer. My Bose Soundlink does not make a sound whatsoever when hooked up.

I've tried other devices with the Trouper, tried plugging it in different places to see if it's interference from other sources, and also made sure it's well grounded. All the same.

Is this a defective speaker or a defect in design?

I'm rather disappointed, because I had high hopes for this speaker. In fact I had already ordered a Sub to go with it, and was planning to order another Trouper for wireless Stereo sound.
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