Digan features are only available through missing software?

Hello Support!
1. Key features advertised of the DIGAN product are _only_ accessible through the Digan Editor software now missing from your site
2. The product line is still sold and is NOT listed as discontinued
3. I have payed full price for ALL advertised features
4. It is illegal to advertise products with false claims in many EU countries, including mine

...would you please make the last version of the Digan Editor software available again, or at least send me an ftp / http download link to the legacy software to my email address: kiriyama@index.hu ?

You have had absolutely no reason to pull legacy software for a product that is still in circulation; If you are worried about compatibility issues, add a disclaimer to the download page, but we surely agree that all features must be available for Customer? :)

Thanks in advance!
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