Hooking up two TSSUB18s Left and Right independently (without using the link outputs)

I am so thankful Carlo and Bill to have found this. I've been wondering the same thing about my two TSsub18s and lo and behold, Bill, you are saying that the link output could actually damage my tops. Gosh I'm glad I found this before I saw smoke! I ran from the link outputs into my QSC GX7, then to my passive tops (SX215s). To me, it sounded better than when I ran it from the Outs on the back of the sub (likely my imagination but I was thinking that the Link output had the internal crossover and the Outs did not). Anyway, so now it's going from the Outs on the back of the sub like you suggest.

Just a couple of questions if you'd be so kind to respond:

1) About those links... my PA is set up with a sub on each side with an SX215 on top. Before I linked the subs as described by others with two xlr cables going from one sub's link output to the other sub's inputs. My question is, is that really necessary? Is there anything wrong with coming directly out of my board's Left and Right main outputs and just running one xlr cable to the right sub input and one xlr cable to the left sub input without using all the link outputs and additional cabling?

2) When I run from the Outs on the sub > QSC GX7 > into my tops, is that signal going through the sub's internal crossover?

3) Would there be any advantage to running it like this? Board main outs > 2 way xover in my rack > low freq (everything 100hz and below) out to subs > high freq out to QSC GX7X > S215s. Or, is that just silly and redundant?

Many thanks,
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  • Hi Albert, 

    Thanks for posting! I'm glad you found my previous suggestions helpful :).

    To answer your question, there is nothing wrong with connecting your subs to a mixer if you really want to. This shouldn't affect your sound at all if you choose this setup over using the including Link outputs. The Link outputs are merely there for convenience if you wish to not use an external mixer in your setup. Since the TS Sub 18 is an active subwoofer, you don't want to run this through the QSC power amplifier. Instead, you would want to connect your SX215 to this since it's a passive speaker. Since the crossover is at 80 Hz in the sub, your tops will not pass through this. Because the TS Sub 18 has a frequency range of 37 Hz - 125 Hz you don't want to connect your SX215 to those inputs. Refer to the connection diagram below to help you out:

    Hope this helps!
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