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How to connect my Kick 15 to my laptop for recording?

Hello! I would like to record myself singing and I own a Alto Professional Kick 15 as a piano and voice amp. It it possible to connect the amp to my laptop and record what I play with a designated program? And if possible, how exactly?Thank you!
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  • Hi Diana,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Theoretically, this would be possible, but due to the Kick 15s high output power, the audio quality would be better by miking the speaker with a microphone and an audio interface. 

    In order to do this, you will need to have a DAW on your computer. If you're using a Mac, I believe GarageBand is still being installed by default, which is an advanced recording software, perfect for beginners. if not, you can download a free trial for Ableton Live at this link. Simply place the microphone in front of the speaker and create an audio track in your software. Most DAWs will also include a 'record enable' function, that tells the computer to listen for incoming audio. You may also choose to monitor your recordings from within the software, if you'd like. Check out your host's manual for more information on how it works and how to use it. If you have the ability to do so, experiment with different microphones, rooms, placements, and distances; as these will color your sound in sometimes very interesting ways. :)

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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