How to get effects in my monitor?

Hi. I ́ve just bought a new mixer from you guys, and I am very happy with my product - Alto LIVE 1202 12-Channel 2-Bus Mixer. I have one question, I believe I have read the answer somewhere, but now I just cannot seem to tind the solution. Issue: I am running an vocal effect via the mixer - its a simpel reverb on the voice. It works perfectly through the PA-system, but the audio comping from my monitor is completely dry. I believe I read somewhere that there is an option on if you want to send the FX to the monitor or not. Obviously I have turned this option off somewhere... But I would love to have the effects on my monitor as well to get the whole picture on what goes out to the audience... Have you any idea of what I am doing wrong? Any help or tips would be much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you.BrKjell
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