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I’m so happy and so very thankful.

I fried my Alto TX215 while overseas... plugged it into a 240v outlet... Alto Covered this under warranty for my BAD! Unbelievable!

I recently had a trip overseas and was presenting a video project that I had produced for a small group of about 200 people. Unfortunately like a bonehead I thought this powered speaker was able to work with multiple voltages by automatically switching like my other electronics did including my projector and laptop. By misreading the label on the back I didn't realize that it was specific for only 110-120v usage ONLY and I plugged it into a 240v outlet and fried my Alto TX215 powered speaker. I saw the listing on the back showing for 240v usage and really didn't notice the marking for the 110-120v ONLY.... A case of seeing what I wanted to see! Luckily there were other audio options for me on the premises and the show went on as scheduled. Since I really liked the sound quality of this product I took it home and had my local electronics repair guy take a peak to give me an estimate for my knucklehead blunder. He estimated a price to fix it that was nearly 2/3's the price of a brand new one, OUCH! So I called Alto thinking I'm gonna have to buy a new plate amp and probably a transformer as well but wait.... Alto gave me a RMA number to return it to them and they sent me a brand new replacement! WOW!!! In a little over a week the new Alto Professional TX215 was at my doorstep. Unbelievable! I can probably safely say that no other company out there whether it be QSC or EV will stand behind their product especially on a customer made boo boo like this company did! Kudos to Alto Professional and your awesome staff for making this the most positive experience ever! Now I truly understand why you have the word "Professional" in your company's name... "Alto Professional". I will never hesitate to buy any another Alto product in the near future. Thank you so very much! Ted V.