I just bought 2 TS315 speakers.. I desire to buy a TS subwoofer.. I just want know how to connect an active subwoofer to my setup

Connect Active Subwoofer to Mixer with TS315 active speakers
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  • Simply take the feed that would have gone into your TS315 and plug it into the input on the sub then take another lead from the output on the sub which you will now feed back into your 315, what happens is the line level signal from your mixer that goes into your sub is used to feed and power the sub where you can select the required frequency say 120Hz and using the attenuator to control how much volume you actually want, and as you're going to have the sub in circuit you won't need to have the 'contour' button pressed in on the TS315 which effectively gives a deeper bass which you won't need so let the sub do the lower frequencies, it is recommended that you also turn the bass down a tad on your mixer so that the TS315 will have more power available for the lower mid to high frequencies.

    Personally if you're on the road regularly I would have 2 18" subs, its always best to have something in reserve when you need it.
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