Line Drive App no longer in the App Store. :(

Live Drive app is no longer available in the App Store, Can you please add it back and maybe update the software? I cannot download it anymore. :(
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  • Hi Steven,

    Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but I'll be happy to pass this feedback along to my development team for you. Please stay tuned to our website at for all future updates and announcements, or consider signing up for our newsletter.
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  • I’m frustrated
    I am stunned that this issue has not been resolved. 11 days now, and STILL not resolved? Something is up. I smell a rat.

    I can't help but get the uneasy feeling that there IS no development team, to speak of. I'm thrilled to see that this site is active, but the ALTO PRO site hasn't been updated since 2015, which is a MAJOR RED FLAG.

    Even more alarming, is that a Priority 1 / showstopper issue, such as the Live Drive App is no longer available for download from the APPLE STORE (which should be an incredibly easy fix - and should have been done immediately - STRONGLY SUGGESTS that there is "No one manning the Alto Ship". It just doesn't make any sense. This is a simple fix, and should be a no-brainer in terms of how important it is.

    WHO has the reigns of this company? Is it STILL InMusic Brands? Why do I think that is no longer the case?

    Bill R. or ANY Alto Pro employee - Please... prove me wrong. PLEASE, I would love to be proven wrong.

    If Alto Pro is in limbo as a company, we, your customers, NEED to know, and DEMAND to know. We are sinking hard earned cash on what we are being told is a current line of "supported" products - not vaporware. If the BLACK SERIES line has been DISCONTINUED. We NEED TO KNOW.

    Regardless, even if were the worst case scenario and the line WAS discontinued, how hard would it be to simply keep the original LIVE DRIVE app on-line and available for download.... somewhere out there (if not on the APP store), on some public, or even on a private serve..... even if just as a temporary measure? It hurts my brain thinking about it, because it defies all sense of reason, of logic, not to mention of fair business practice. I'm joking now... sure....

    In ANY case - There needs to be SOME kind of formal public announcement from an Exec (with a pair). I know this email is annoying. In fact, I hope it is. Here's some more annoyance to pass on:

    TO RECAP: 11 days ago (at least) Steven Draper (a customer) posted right here on this site that the LIVE DRIVE app, is no longer available from the APP store.


    Really? Are we supposed to just roll over? I, for one, don't get it.

    Did a nuclear holocaust recently occur that wiped Alto Pro AND InMusic Brands off the face of the Earth, and the rest of the world simply has yet to get the memo?
    THAT, I could buy as an excuse. Maybe.

    I'm perplexed. There is just No WAY this is just business as usual for ALTO. I smell smoke. I've smelled it burning for quite awhile now..... And man, where there's smoke......

    I know this is a futile effort, but I'm going to go through the motions anyway, for the record:

    "Customer Support: Please forward this to the "development" team, and tell them customers are getting suspicious (and irate). And ask them to "Please take care of business, so *I* can take care of my business". I am quite seriously BLOCKED from using my brand new BLACK SERIES SPEAKERS for gigs, and have to resort to my old "fall-back"PA system. (Good think I haven't sold it yet). I repeat: I am FORCED to SHELVE my ALTO BLACK SYSTEM for all gigs until this issue is resolved and the (at least OLD version of the) LIVE DRIVE app is made available for download again.

    The requests summarized so that a monkey could read, understand, and execute on them:

    Request #1: RE-POST THE LIVE DRIVE APP for public download.
    Request #2: ANY Alto Executive with a pair, or a conscious, do the right thing and Come clean with/for your customers, and release a public statement regarding the STATE of (the business health of) ALTO PRO, as well as the BLACK SERIES LINE of speakers.

    We need some ACTION, or at least a real explanation.
    (....please! ;-)

    And I shouldn't have to say this, but kindly do NOT reply with a "generic" response, or I may have to REALLY get annoying....

    - and finally, as a side note: a sincere THANK YOU to you folks, right HERE... at the "Alto Pro community powered support site". You are innocent(s), and don't get paid enough to listen to jerks like me rambling on like this. Employee "Bill R" I'm talking to you. Hopefully, not ONLY to you....! Yikes! I just had a twilight zone moment..... "the last soldier standing, was Bill R. Loyal to the last was he..... blah blah.... Just please tell me that you are not the sole figure head of the company at this point! If so - demand a raise. A BIG one.

    But seriously, THANK YOU, simply for taking the time to read this, and for hopefully getting ALTO PRO developers to RESPOND directly. And for, just being ALIVE. You are currently the only "sign of life" from ALTO PRO, albeit merely a faint glimmer of hope on the horizon, (etc. ) We appreciate that you are there! ;-)
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