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Loving the AltoTS210 as an FRFR

I need to make some custom length and probably right angled connectors and then zip tie up all the power wiring to make it more convenient, but this is really an awesome setup! Aloghter well under 30 pounds, small footprint, LOTS of volume!

Signal starts with a Line 6 G30 wireless velcroed to the top of the Alto TS210 active speaker, then goes to the guitar input of a Sonoma Wireworks StudioJack Mini velcroed to the side of the speaker.

One of the dual outputs of the StudioJack Mini goes to the input of the Alto TS210 and the other goes into the input of a DI box.

All this is controlled by an iPad Air2 and an IK Multimedia Blueboard pedalboard.

Light, quick setup, sounds great and is LOUD!