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I’m disappointed

PS4HA Louder than TS215?

I just 'upgraded' my 12 year old Alto PS4HA speakers which are finally starting to show their age. (Faulty DSP on one and a bit of noise with no input on the other).

They've been so good I thought I'd stay loyal to the brand and go for a pair of TS215's. According to the specs the TS215's are louder (127db SPL v 121.5, 550W v 400W), have bigger cones (15" v 12") and are lighter to boot.

I tried them out today and was somewhat underwhelmed so I tried one of them side by side with the PS4HA and the PS4 outperformed the TS215 significantly. Whilst the TS215 possibly sounded better at low volumes the PS4HA was much punchier and louder, possibly because the TS215 distorts at lower volumes.

I was pretty surprised and think I'm going to have to return the TS215's.
Do you think I've got a faulty unit (or faulty ears) or is that just the way it is?
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