Rattle/Distortion coming from one speaker only.

My partner and I use 2 Alto Trusonic 2 series 212s in our PA set up. I noticed the other night that when we went to perform "In The Air Tonight", we got a distorted sound coming from one of the speakers. The other speaker seemed fine. The note that caused the issue, is the low droning "D" that is used pretty much throughout the whole song (synthesizer). I also run my bass through the PA with a DI. I use it sparingly, just to make sure we have a well-rounded sound in addition to my bass amp. I don't hear any issues with my bass being routed through the speakers. Does this sound indicative of a blown driver? I believe these speakers have a "clipping" function that is supposed to help prevent blowing speakers if they are ever over-driven. Just curious. I appreciate any assistance/advice. Thanks.
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