RMX508 Mixer amp monitor output issue

Up until now I've been using the RMX508 with outputs set to main/main.

I thought I'd try the main/monitor setting but I can't get any output from the monitor section of the amp when trying this.

I'm using the 1/4" jack output of Output 1 for the Main output which works fine and responds to changes in Master volume settings.

I'm using a Speakon jack wired to +1/-1 connected to Output 2 for the monitor but get no sound from it, whatever the Monitor volume control is set to.

This appears to be wired correctly, as stated in the Quickstart Guide, so am I doing something wrong, or is my RMX508 faulty?
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the post. I'd like to help! Pay attention to the following features of your speaker which may contribute to why you're not hearing your monitor:

    The AUX 1 Pre adjusts the prefader signal sent to the Monitor output and is controlable using the Monitor Level knob.To use an external effects rack unit, compressor, etc. with the mixer, you can use a Y-cable to connect the AUX out to the input of your external device, then connect the outputs of the device to the Stereo Return of the amp.

    The AUX 2/FX Post adjusts the post fader signal which is sent through the AUX OUT and is controllable with the DSP knobs to route the signal to the MON or MAIN outputs. You can use a 1/4" TRS cable to connect the AUX OUT to the input of an external amplifier or active monitor to create a custom mix for onstage musicians with the mixer’s internal effects.

    The MONITOR LEVEL LED Display will show you the monitor output level. Make sure that the +10 LED only lights up occasionally. The optimal level is between -10 and 0 on the LED. If only the -30 LED lights up or doesn't come on, your S/N ratio will be degraded.

    The MONITOR LEVEL adjusts the volume of the Monitor output.

    The AMPLIFIER Mode Switch provides three modes: MAIN/MAIN, MAIN/MONITOR and BRIDGE. Select any one of these modes to route the signals to the corresponding jacks according to the speaker panel connection. This switch only affects the rear panel outputs. The front panels outputs are unaffected by this switch.

    MAIN/MAIN - When the switch is set to this, the amp will send the main mix to the rear panel Speakon jacks or the rear panel 1⁄4” jacks.

    MAIN/MON - When the switch is set to this, the amp will send the main mix to the OUTPUT 1 Speakon jack and 1/4'”jack. The monitor mix will be sent to the OUTPUT 2 Speakon jack.

    BRIDGE - When the switch is set to this, the amp will send the main mix to the rear panel OUTPUT 2 Speakon jack.

    The MONITOR OUTPUT is a line level balanced output is used to connect the input of an external amplifier or powered speaker.

    Check out all of these features and see if one of them are effecting your monitor mix. Thanks!
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