Setting up TS Sub15/TS112A with Live 2404 mixer

I have 2 ts15sub and 2 ts112a powered by live 2404 I am after opinions on set up as it doesn't seem hugely loud. Would you run the volumes on the speakers at full, I have been running the subs at unity and the tops at half (the point between line and mic. Also would you put the active crossover in
On the subs. I seem to have to run the mixer at almost full volume (and I have played with the pad switch on the back) but that just makes it quiter.
thanks for any help I just can't seem to find a very good manual on them or spec sheet to give me any indication of output and input levels
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  • Hi James, 

    Thanks for posting. We don't recommend using your speakers at max volume. This will damage them. With the TS112A, we recommend not setting the volume past 9 o'clock. With your sub, you shouldn't have the volume set past 1 o'clock. For the best fidelity, you should strive to have the output of your speakers as hot as possible before setting the volume of your channels on your mixer. For power specifications, including output input and output levels, please refer to the technical specifications found in the manuals.

    Additionally, you may find the connection diagram for the TS Sub 15 helpful:

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.
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