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I’m frustrated and angry.

Stealth wireless dropping out

I have a brand new stealth wireless and it keeps dropping signal no matter which channel I select. I’ve had it 15 feet away and I’ve had it 60 feet away and still have the same issue! The squelch is at its lowest setting and the only thing between the transmitter and receiver is people. No cables are anywhere near the antennas and the antennas aren’t even close to touching. I did notice that my rf finder sees a lot of noise around the frequency but it’s coming from the transmitter. It goes away when I turn it off. My old unit never did this but I had to buy a new system due to the federal mandated frequency change since one of my receivers died. I’ve literally only had this thing for a couple weeks. I’ve even tried multiple receivers since I bought an expansion pack as well so I’m $600 into a wireless system that I can’t rely on. HELP!!
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