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Stealth Wireless Frequency (US Version)- 540-570Mhz or 610-640Mhz?

I'm a bit confused about the frequencies for the ALTO Stealth Wireless System.

I recently bought a US version of the Stealth Expander pack to be used with a pre-existing 610-640Mhz wireless Stealth setup.

The US frequency listed on the Frequency Chart by ALTO is 610-640 Mhz:

The product I received came in a box labeled as a US version but with a 540-570Mhz frequency.

Further, the user enclosed guide lists the US version as both 540-570, 610-640Mhz.

Could someone please clarify the inconsistencies?

Will there be compatibility issues when using the expander with a preexisting 610-640Mhz ALTO setup?
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