Sub seems to think its overheating

I have a TSSUB15 which when switched on, the fan immediately starts spinning and doesn't stop as if it is overheating. Very occasionally after 5 min it does stop and the sub starts producing sound, however after a period of working regardless of volume levels the sound deteriorates and eventually stops with the fan spinning at full speed.

Any ideas?
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  • Hi Keith,

    Thanks for posting. Keep in mind that the fan only operates as needed to control the internal temperature of the amplifier. There are component tolerances which cause small variations from unit to unit. It is normal for a unit at room temperature to have the fan spin slowly, or not at all, or to stop and start. It is normal for this to vary slightly from unit to unit. It has no impact on the performance of the product.

    Where do you have your levels set to? I recommend keeping your gain on your speaker at around 12 o'clock then adjust your mixer volume accordingly. 

    If your speaker needs repair, I can point you in the right direction to help you out! Here are a couple of options that you could choose from: 

    • Submit a Warranty Claim or Service Inquiry with our Technical Support team by logging onto Select Warranty Claim or Service Inquiry from the drop down menu. 


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