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I’m curious

Sub to speaker daisy chain, low volume. Not drastic but certainly noticible.

So, I bought a couple TS215 PA speakers and a couple TS215S subs. I read in the manuals that the recommended wiring is to take the signal from the mixer and route it to the sub then to the PA speaker. I felt a little let down because the volume of both stacks was lacking, well . . . volume! The PA speakers gain was a hair over unity and the subs were maxed. So I started to mess around with the wiring. I found that routing two outputs from a mixer into the PA speaker THEN daisy chain only on cable to the subwoofer increases the output of the sub what seems like two-fold! I made sure to keep an eye on the limiter lights. The PA speakers gain was a hair above unity and the sub was at unity. No red anywhere or even constant green on the subs, not even close. I had to crank the subs almost to max to get any red on the limiter.

Using a reverse daisy chain rendered the lo cut output coming from the sub useless for the PA speakers. I understand that the output on the PA speakers is the sum of the two inputs, but it doesn't seem true for the subwoofers. I tried the same thing but starting with the subwoofer first. Still a relatively low volume. Am I wiring something wrong? I would love to hook up the system as recommended because then I could use the lo cut output from the subwoofer for my PA speakers.

If anyone has any experience with this I'd love to hear your opinion.
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