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TIP: How to get more clean gain from your Alto Black speakers!

I own a pair of Alto Black 10 and also a pair of Alto Black 15 speakers, they are great speakers and built like a tank but I never liked the fact that the maximum amount of gain is set to unity, I much prefer unity to be set at the half-way position on the gain knob and then have the option of increasing the gain on the speaker by turning the knob clockwise until I achieve the volume I require. I understand that I should really be able to achieve the extra gain from the front-end of the system ie: the mixing desk but sometimes to achieve this when the speaker only goes up to unity you have to drive the mixer really hard and you can hear that the signal is 'hot' and sometimes is even close to mild clipping! I tried using the 'mic' switch with a line input signal but that was way too 'hot' as it increased the gain by 40db! I wanted roughly an extra 10db of gain from the input volume control, similar to what I can achieve with my Yamaha DXR 15 and Turbosound IQ10 speakers and I did eventually find a way of doing this! Because the mic input increases the gain by an extra 40db and I only required an extra 10db it suddenly dawned on me that if I purchased a pair of -30db in-line xlr attenuators then I should hopefully be able to achieve this. So I purchased a pair of Canford -30db in-line attenuators ( and 'voila' the extra volume was now there and the mixing desk master faders could now be turned down so that the signal was much cleaner but the extra volume was still there! I just thought that I would put this out there in case any one else was experiencing a similar problem.
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