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I’m an Alto fan, but this is discouraging me from buying newer models.

TS115A no sound at kiw level unless volume is at max and turned down..

So I have 4 TS115A speakers. After about a 3 years of use, 3 of the 4 now have NO SOUND at all unless I whip the volume up to maximum. Then they pop on rather loudly I might add, and I can turn the level down to normal around half. If I do not play music at a louder level then will go silent again. 1 by 1 they started doing this over a period of time. One also has the horn cut out at random times, mostly when played at louder levels (but not driven to the point the limiter is on). Could the horn possibly be over heating/bad, and is there knowledge of the no sound issue with input levels?

Called Alto, they had not heard of this, and well, the comment in response was wasn't every nice. I'm a fan of the Alto line, but having the same thing happen to most of them, used at different times and never abused, it is discouraging to invest in any of the newer models unless such problems were recognized and fixed.
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  • That doesn't entirely answer my question. I understand I can pay for them to be fixed, which is likely more than they are worth at this point being used and how highly affordable a newer model is. However, more to the point is, is anyone aware of what seems like a common failure and has anyone corrected it in the newer product lines.... or should I expect the TS3 series to fail after a couple years too.
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