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TS215's having almost no bass. Which sub is recommended to pair up with them?

This may be a stupid question, but I had 2 - Alto 115A's for quite some time, and they worked great. But the time came recently to buy new speakers so I picked up 2- Alto TS215's, thinking they would be comparable to the 115A's. And I noticed a dramatic loss in my low frequencies with the TS215's. There's just no low end.

So now I am considering buying an Alto sub (so all my speaker brands are the same). What would be your professional opinion on the best sub(s) to match with the TS215's?
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  • Hi James, 

    Thanks for posting. 

    Ultimately, whichever sub you decide to go with is ultimately up to your personal preference, needs, and budget. Any sub can be used with our TS215s. The Sub15 would be a perfect match for your TS215s in that it has the following features:

    • 1200 Watts Class D power
    • Powerful 15” low-frequency, long-excursion driver
    • Stereo inputs: Mic/Line left channel, XLR right channel
    • Stereo XLR outputs: Left link, Right mono, internal 120Hz crossover on through
    • 18 mm birch plywood vented cabinet with metal grille and recessed handles
    • Adjustable level and polarity controls
    • 35 mm pole socket

    I would encourage you to do your research online and visit your local retailer to try them out in person. Log on to www.altoproaudio.com to locate them.
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