TSSUB12 - Input Signal level problem but not the Mixer!

I'm having input level issues with my TSSUB12'S. Barely and green light coming in even though my board is at a loud level. I start "playing" with the speakers (turn off and on - reset volumes) and then out of nowhere the send is right where it should be????
It is not my Behringer X32 - already ruled that out.
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  • Hello Michael,

    Thanks for posting. I would like to help. Is your PHASE, GROUND, and BYPASS switch pushed in while your using this? If so, depress these buttons to see if your symptoms persist. Here's what all three of these switches do.

    GROUND SWITCH – Depressing this switch grounds the subwoofer, which can reduce hum or noise.

    PHASE SWITCH – Depressing this switch reverses the polarity of the subwoofer's output signal. In some cases, this can help reduce any interference in the frequency overlap between the subwoofer and main speaker.

    BYPASS SWITCH – Depressing this switch activates the subwoofer's high-pass filter (80 Hz).
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