TSSUB15 Hookup questions

Need help with diagram or advise for both mono and stereo tssub 15 hookup to pair of alto troupers? I need both mono and stereo instructions. No help from Alto quick start guide. I also would like to know coverage angle on Trouper speakers. This seems to have been left out of the manual.
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  • Hi Gary,

    Thank you for your post! I'd love to help!

    I apologize, but the diagram in our user guide is the most straightforward setup guide we have for this sub, but if I could describe, you will want to make sure that you connect the output of a mixer or sound source to the L and R inputs of the subwoofer. From the outputs of the subwoofer, you will connect the left channel to input 1 of one of the speakers and then connect the right channel to input 1 of the other speaker. This will establish a stereo signal.

    If you prefer a mono connection, you only have to focus on one subwoofer output connecting to one speaker input. If you prefer a mono signal going to both speakers, there may be a mono button on the mixer you're using that will sum those channels up for you but will play on both speakers.

    I hope this helps!
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