Tx15 clipping (light)

This is going to sound like a similar post that was posted by another person on this forum but I was still confused after reading it. Ok just got my TX15's and noticed the signal limit light or clipping light go steady at low volume. It also flashes occasionally at the same LOW volume. The recent post stated this is no worry until the signal light turns red, but when reading the manual it appears to say "when the light is steady or blinking reduce the volume" because is clipping and could damage speakers. The manual does not mention red but rather states if the light becomes steady or flickers steady. I know the speakers have 3 lights on them one on the front and two in the rear of the speaker. I'm assuming by reading the manual the light to indicate clipping is labeled signal limit on the rear of the speakers. Help
Please be VERY specific about which light is which and what color i.e. Soiled green or blinking green means or red indicates. Love speakers but if my assessment proves to be correct then I can not use them due to low volume.
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    I've just re-read and realized my reply was nonsense!

    I see where you're at.

    Green is ALWAYS fine, blinking or not.

    For the speakers to sound their best you want the light to be more or less steady green, but they sound great whatever really.

    Red is bad, that indicates you need to turn down.

    So no need to worry :)

    I have also found alto to be excellent with warranty repair in the unlikely event you need something fixed during the warranty period.

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