I need help setting up my Alto Live 802 mixer on my Mac computer

I have a new 2013 Mac Pro and I just got a new Live802 USB mixer. The manufacturer (Alto) says there aren't any drivers necessary for it. I got everything set up and I get audio coming from the mac to the mixer and out the speakers with no problem, but when I go to Audition, it makes me go to the Audio Hardware preference panel. The input and output both show "USB Audio CODEC (not working)". I've gone to this panel before and everything is exactly the same except for the "(not working)" part. So it's working just fine, but only as an output. In the OS X sound preference "input" section, it says "the selected device has no input controls". In the MIDI utility preference panel, The input controls are grayed out. Anyone know what I can do here? It's a pretty standard mixer and it's my third one and I've never had this happen, even though it was supposed to be the same setup process as the others. Thanks in advance.
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