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Vibrating Spakers

Hi, We have a pair of Alton TS212 speakers used for a singer. On certain songs (sometime bassy ones) the speakers vibrate even with sound turn down. This was not normally an issue as was only noticed standing behind them and not in front. However yesterday they seemed to be louder vibration noises and when checked the small holding screws if the back plate were slightly undone and when screwed back in the sound was OK.

During the evening the screws kept coming loose every 20 minutes or so and need screwing in, so no matter how tightly screwed in the vibrations were making the screws unscrew. Any ideas?
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  • Hello, Alfie

    Thanks for posting!

    It looks like the screw indents on the back panel are getting loose, so the screws keep it tight momentarily. We have a back panel replacement available.

    Here is the part number:

    NI07615 - Panel, Rear In Stock

    This may be a more expensive fix but alternatively, you could go to a hardware store to see if there are other options for keeping screws in place. Other wise the back piece will have to be swapped out.

    Hope this helps! 
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