What are the OHMS and RMS for the TS115A Woofer? (NOT the entire system)


I have a TS115A on layaway now (I am poor).

I would like to know the specs on the woofer, NOT THE OVERALL SYSTEM! In case I blow my woofer, I would like to know what would be needed to replace it. If, for example, ALTO goes out of business, and I need to replace my woofer, I would like to have this information.

The OHMS are one of the following: 2, 4, 8, or 16.

The RMS/Wattage rating should be at least 250-watt, and possibly rated up to 600-watt.

This should NOT be proprietary information, and I am curious if it is stamped on the woofer somewhere? If it is not marked, someone could test the OHMS, and we would have to just wonder about the RMS. However, I read the amp is rated for 450, so that might be a starting point, get at least a 500 RMS 15".

I still have time to cancel my layaway, so please someone from ALTO answer my question, or I will just purchase another brand.

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