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Where are the x-over frequencies on the TS215S

Okay, so I'm dealing with several options and trying to find the best one for clarity without having a frequency hole. I'm running two Alto TS215S subs with Yamaha DSR112 powered mains.

As much as I like the Altos, the published specs aren't telling me enough about the switch options.

If I turn ON the HPF for the "Output Full-Range" on the sub, at what frequency is cut to the outputs?

If I turn ON the Extended LF on the sub, which frequencies are being boosted?

The Yamahas are spec'ed to run from 55Hz to 20KHz. They also have a HPF that cuts at 120Hz according to their published spec.

Which combination of switches is going to give maximum clarity without creating a significant frequency dip somewhere?
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  • Hello, Greg

    Thanks for posting!

    If you turn on the HPF (Output Full-Range) You will be sending the audio signal across the entire frequency bandwidth through the outputs. When the Extended LF is enabled, you will be boosting up to an octave higher than the cross over point (so up to about 200hz.) So you may want to keep this on to bridge the gap between the cross over point (95hz) and the cut from your Yamaha speakers (120hz.)

    Hope this helps!
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