Where to find TS Sub 15 wheels

hi i need these wheels too, where can i find more informations and web links to product and an international shop?
i looked into other topics and read about some "MI05282" but no infrmations can be found on internet. I bought Alto TS sub 15 on Thomann.de and no wheels found even there!
thanks in advance
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. Part # MI05282 is indeed the correct part # for the caster wheels for your TS Sub 15. You can order these directly from our Parts Department by emailing them at parts@inmusicbrands.com. if you're in the US, you can call 401-658-3131.

    If you're located outside of the US, please get in touch with your nearest international distributor to order these. You can locate them at www.altoproaudio.com

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.
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