Which Audio Preference Do I use On Logic Pro X with Alto Live 802 Mixer

Hi my Name is Theo,

i bought a Alto Live Pro 802 mixer and when i play music from my laptop I don't get any signal on the mixer.

Which audio preference do I need to use in Logic Pro X anlso what else should i need to check to make sure that i get the correct signal into my mixer?
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  • Hi Theophilus,

    Thanks for posting.

    You will want to set your inputs and outputs within Logic Pro to USB Audio Codec. I know that Pro Tools can sometimes have issues with reading the inputs and outputs of the mixer. If that's the case for you in Logic, as well, I've found that creating an Aggregate Device within your Audio MIDI Setup and selecting both "USB Audio Codec" options will allow those inputs and outputs to be properly recognized by your host. Please reference the link above for what an aggregate device is, as well as instructions that will walk you through how to set one up, step-by-step.

    Hope this helps! 
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