Will adding another Sub 15 help make my setup louder?

Hi,I have two TS115A and a TSSUB15. But I fell that that bass response of the sub it is not enough to the power of the two TS115A...considering the volume of all at 12o clock. Do you think it will be better consider a second TSSUB15 or replace the one that i have already for a TSSUB18A ?
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  • Hi Jose,

    Thanks for posting.

    We don't recommend you have your levels set at 12:00. This will damage your speakers. Generally speaking, it's best to get your signal as hot as possible from your mixer (if you're using one), or to not exceed 75% of the volume from your speakers. I'm not sure what your setup is like, but depending on what you're playing through your speakers, you may find it useful to include a mixer in your setup. You may find this gives you the boost you need. Ultimately, it's up to you if you want to replace the TS Sub 15 with the 18; however, the TS Sub 18 does have the same power requirements as the 15. The only difference between the two models is the frequency response. If you do decide to purchase a second Sub 15, make sure you connect it to the Link Output on the back of your other Sub 15.

    Hope this helps! 
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