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Work around 100% solves usb noise issue for Alto Live series usb mixers when using a DAW.

I have had my Alto Live 2404 USB Mixer replaced three times trying to fix a loud noise problem that affects both Windows Vista and 8.1 lap tops when running Reaper with the popular Asio4all driver. I did a complete trouble shooting effort to find any ground loops or bad connections to no avail. Finally... the Alto service tech (great customer service by the way) admitted that it's a problem with the USB in all the live mixers and we just have to live with it, fair enough. Here's a work around that 100% gets around the noise problem for recording from Reaper using the Alto Live series mixers...connect a $29.00 Behringer UCA202 Analog to Digital USB interface to the mixers RCA in and out connectors and the UCA202 A side usb connector to your computer, works great and completely silent. This is how you can use the mixer as a front end to your DAW for critical no hum recording when needed. The weird thing is my Windows Audio Player plays music on both computers perfectly without the noise using just the USB from the mixer? WMP doesn't use Asio4all drivers, it has it's own driver. Maybe the Alto Generic Audio Codec doesn't play well with Asio4all when used in a DAW? If your in a Death Metal Band playing live, you'll never hear the usb noise from the mixer while the band is playing on a live recording. However, any critical low volume live recording will have a noticeable background noise issue and that's when you should use the Behringer UCA202 to work around it. Even with this USB issue, I can't believe how good my computers WMP/mp3' sound through good Monitoring Headphones, absolutely amazing. I love this mixer for the's defiantly a keeper.
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