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I’m WTF-ing!

Kindle sharing - privacy settings aren't working for me!

Ok, now I’m pretty certain.

Amazon’s sharing feature looks to be broken. Broken in such a way that you are not in accordance with your own rules you’ve set down.

I logged into my Amazon account. Made doubly sure that I did not allow for public sharing (on my Amazon account) of a note.

Shared a brief note from Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom” on my Kindle Fire to my Facebook account.

The note instantly appeared on Amazon’s Kindle fire site.

Not only that, the note stayed on Amazon’s Kindle fire site, even AFTER I set it to “only me” on Facebook!

Repro Steps:

1. From the "Your Books" section of do NOT allow sharing for a particular book
2. From a Kindle Fire, share, via facebook, a note from a particular book
3. Note that the note you shared is visible on your profile on
4. Contemplate the fact that you didn't apparently understand the simple to use privacy settings in the first step
5. Head to Facebook, and make set the privacy setting of your note to "only me"
6. Go back to, log out of amazon, and look at your own profile!
7. Your freaking note is there, right next to your name!!!!
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