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How do you adjust image padding

I am trying to put 3 images next to each other on the front page for special items. How to I adjust image padding?
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  • Andrew (Official Rep) April 06, 2012 08:13
    Hello :)

    You will need to create a CSS file for this and include the margin and padding for such item.

    Please use the Firebug addon (or any other app that will allow you to see the source code of the webstore) to find the class of the object, eg:

    div id="top-4"
    div class="starter-amazon-com-ImageWidget-1-latest"
    div class="imageWidget"

    Then simply create a new text file with the desired tag, eg:


    and the settings that you want to apply, eg:


    margin-left: -9px;
    margin-right: -9px;
    padding: 5px 9px;

    After that save it as *.CSS file and upload into your file library, then apply through Properties link on desired webstore page.

    I hope this helps,

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