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Linking Amazon Webstore to FBA account

I'm an Amazon Pro Merchant selling books using FBA. I'd like to set up a book buyback website with links to my inventory for sale on Amazon. Is this easy to do? What's the benefit of using Amazon Webstore vs. another ecommerce site?
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  • Hello Susan,

    I'm not sure how you're intending to use Webstore to create a book buyback website. Amazon Webstore is stand alone selling platform. It's very similar to, only it's yours.

    If you are looking to drive traffic to your listings on, then the Amazon Webstore isn't the best program for you. I'd recommend you look at the Amazon Associates program to see if it fits your needs better.

    Can you provide more insight into what kind of website you're looking for and some more specifics on what you'd like it to do?

    Best Regards,

    -Jared W.
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