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My Widgets not aligning right at all!

as you can see from the image my Widgets not aligning to the right, the slots have left and center but the right one are under the left, please help!

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  • Greetings Ronsharon,

    I am sorry for any misunderstanding caused by the way the widgets react in the different slots.

    All the slots are styled with CSS and how they function will depend on the template you picked when you first set up the site.

    In your example the the Right Slots are not being used at all on that particular page. This is because the template you have selected is not using a right hand slot on that particular page. Note: For the most part, none of our templates use a Right Hand Slots at all except for the product detail page.

    If you want to use this slot you will need to use CSS/HTML and then style the widget or the slot DIV's to fit your needs. Otherwise, you will need to keep using the basic templates we provide and go without using the right hand side slots.

    This is difficult at best to explain in writing so if you need more detailed assistance, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Just use the Contact Seller Support options found in your help pages.
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