Thinking getting amazon webstore for high tech product

Thinking wanna open amazon webstore , currently using amazon pro merchant with wonderful sales on first two week.

I was thinking about to open webstore on amazon , and I have very important issue which is data upload.

I am 100% newbie on CVS, and i just cant do by my self for my pro merchant(i got help from someone) so , how difficult is to upload our inventories to webstore ? did they really complicated or hassle ?
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  • Hi Ben,

    Some people find CSV and Flatfile uploads complicated and some people think it is the easiest way to create their listings and manage their inventory.

    When you register for Webstore Amazon will automatically import your existing listings into your Webstore inventory. You can then add new listings either using the CSV upload or by creating your listings one at a time within seller central.

    It isn't really possible to tell you whether you will find it difficult or not I'm afraid, but if you are having difficulties feel free to contact your local support team through your account and they will be happy to help you with any issues you have.
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