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Revamp the user experience for our Volunteering Product (Feedback Required)

In an effort to increase employee engagement, we have been looking at ways to streamline the user experience when it comes to:

1. Creating/ Promoting and Managing An Event – Events Manager
2. Searching For Events – Employees
3. Showing Event Details – Employees
4. Logging Hours – Employees

We are still in the brainstorming phase as we are exploring with different concepts and are planning to do several iterations on those concepts until we schedule this work. We will be conducting Voice of the Customers interviews to collect feedback but feel free to submit ideas and comments on this page.

The concept screens that you see below are work in progress (review 1) and are just at this point wireframes and DO NOT include any design work. That will come later when we solidify the workflow and the user stories around those new functionalities.

Thank you for your help.


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  • All these three stake holders have a huge role to play, and we need to make it obvious.

    Here are some recommendations around managing events:

    • Managers need to be able to easily understand the difference between different types of events.
    • Employees should be given a chance to recommend events to their co-workers.
    • Npo's should be given a chance to comment on the impact the volunteers made for their organizations.
    • Employees could be given a chance to follow event managers.
    • Employees should be given a chance to recommend event(s) to managers (
    • Make event activity management more simple.
    • Remove external sponsors altogether from event create page (similarly from iva create) Instead try to leverage NPO management. Also allow users to recommend New NPOs easily.
    • Tag users in pictures.
    • Allow managers to get event suggestions based on common IVAs (common i.e similar title, organization etc).
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  • Very valuable feedback/ questions received so far:

    On Workflows:
    • In a couple of the workflows, the word “Promote” is used. We would want to have a clear understanding of any changes happening with the current promote functionality in the site, as it can easily be misused without proper training.

    • We are also curious if there are any additional “Alerts” being discussed

    On "Featured Events":
    • Do the featured items get displayed as a slideshow, or do volunteers need to manually click the arrow through to see each of the featured items? The former would be preferable, with an option to “break” the show and look through them each manually if desired.

    • How do events get featured? Is it about interests and passions, or just an event manager saying things are featured events, or just geo-located? What if people have no profile?

    • So what is the default state, and what are options for breaking into it?

    • Photo functionality – what does the event photo section look like if nothing is there? Can we create a library of approved brand-friendly photos instead of people uploading their own?

    • What do the green/gray dots mean on the individual photos?

    • What is the definition of popularity?

    • How will the categories/cause types be defined? Are the categories/cause types things we are stuck with?

    On "Event Details" Page:

    • Where do the logos on the page for the nonprofits come from? (Are they provided from users, an AngelPoints database, etc?)

    • If someone posts on the event discussion does the event manager get notified?

    • Who can post links or videos/pictures?

    • Not clear how the search functionality works (searched: outdoors, near me)

    • What are the calendar options going to be?

    • Does the event manager have control over inappropriate messages, or can we moderate things before they get posted in the first place?

    On "Activity/Shifts":

    • How will Activity Shifts work in the upgraded environment? Do you have to slide over shifts to see them?

    • Waiver Required – can we gather signatures or have TMs click a box? Electronic waivers?

    • Do shifts/activities work with friends and family events in the new plan?

    • Can we make it so users can’t select to be in two different places/activities simultaneously?

    On "Logging Hours":

    • How about a textbox pre-filled with the hours that people can easily change?

    • Any way to add custom questions (i.e. Did you use your Community Service Time hours)?

    • How does this work with single sign-on?

    • Rate an Event? How does this look? How clear it is that something was successful?

    • Can we incorporate our wordmark/icons into the site? Where are the options?

    On "Creating Events":

    • Browse Organizations – is this process getting improved? (more organizations, parent organizations, features to limit write in organizations which lead to multiple variations (different spellings, etc.) of the same organization, etc...).

    • Description – How robust is the editor? Can we set it up to be within our brand standards? (fonts, colors, etc)

    • County is CRUCIAL to have as a field (currently missing from mockup)

    • Can we preview the event easily before publishing?

    • Perhaps have a notification option for event managers to be notified when someone posts to the event’s wall/discussion area?

    General Comments:

    • Our users tell us that it is difficult to find the link to record Independent Volunteer Activity “IVA”. It would be great if the home page of the site had clear call to actions for recording both IVA’s & Signing up for Company Sponsored Events. We need to ensure that next solution brings together company sponsored & independent volunteer activities. The recording of hours for both Company Sponsored & independent volunteer activity needs to be made easier for volunteers.
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