you doing a great job for bookwarms!
i have fews ideas:
1. after search, and jumps out result list, can there also be reviews counts showing, like (5 reviews)
2. in the single book page, can i easily add this book to group, or in group page, can i add book by filter typing search field
3.the export/import, do you support format, i know there is too many reviews site though....
4. version compare and linkage, i saw the different language versions, but it's hugh database to involve, so why not open it to users for they to edit this on the book page
5. availbility, there is a site, i think i personally would like information showing is this book availiable in which bookstores in my city or neibourhood and also in libraries
simply a note function (where did i see this book, book fair, in my friend's house, coffee shop...)that can help bookwarm to do more book searching travel to find it, more fun!
thank you for all the effort !!!!
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