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Onebip - Mobile Commerce & Payment

Dear Anobii,

I’m Gianluca Adinolfi, Business Development Executive at Neomobile SpA.

I’m contacting you on behalf of our Mobile-Commerce division. We’d like to introduce Onebip, our payment platform that allows users to buy goods and merchants to receive payments via Sim card.
Please, have a look on our Youtube tutorial !

Onebip is the perfect international partner, available in over 70 countries that guarantees high conversion rates and great payouts. Neomobile also proudly offers web and mobile advertising campaigns to optimize payment flows and revenue stream. Neopowerad, our mobile display network, with over 100 monthly million impressions, is one of the assets we use to achieve our partner’s objectives.

Why chose Onebip’s payment platform?

Key points for Consumer
• Easy to understand and to use
• Quick
• No need to register
• 100% Safe
• No need for credit cards

Key points for Merchants
• Easy to integrate on Merchant’s web site
• High Conversion rates
• Web and Mobile Advertising media plan
• Reaches consumers without credit card or that prefer not to use them on line
• It increases revenue stream

Here you can download our latest Company Presentation:

Please feel free to answer this email if you’re interested in additional information. We’ll get right back to you.

Best Regards,

Gianluca Adinolfi

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