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Positive ideas about how we can improve the beta site to make it more social for book readers.

Anobii is all about finding better books with the powerful recommendations of other readers.

On the beta site there are now lots of books, lots of reviews, lots of ratings, and an increasing number of topics (groups of books with a common theme). These are all helpful for readers who are deciding which book to read next.

Now, what we’d like to concentrate on is how can we make the site more social? We’d like to introduce some features that allow readers to communicate with eachother about the books they love.

We’d like to hear your ideas, suggestions and social features you like on other social networks.

Try not to think just of what exists currently on the original Anobii website – but open your minds to think about how we can improve on that.

Here are some starting points:

How would you like to be able to communicate with other readers on the site?

How would you like to be able to recommend a book to another reader?

How would you like other readers to be able to communicate with you?

Please reply with your ideas below.

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