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The new automatic importation is *overwriting* existing records and making right data disappear!

The new automatic importation of data from Nielsen is overwriting existing records, making correct data and covers disappear. All the work librarians and users did, for years, is going to waste.

An example: a year ago I had edited this record, it’s a book I read, and I had added the correct cover and written a complete description, listing all the titles of the short stories. Please look at the record now:

And to complete the job, the record was damaged (by overwriting it and deleting the cover) and then *superlocked*!!

The same is happening to hundreds of english records.

Why should librarians and users work together to make records better (as we did for years), if all the correct data we add are going to be overwritten?

Please stop overwriting data. Please, stop as soon as possible, before it’s too late for the english database.
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