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Best way to implement logged-in/logged-out state flows?

I'm looking for a smart way to implement logged-in/logged-out state flows.

What I mean is this: Suppose I have a 'Comment' button in my prototype, which lets users comment on a certain item. Now, if the user is logged in he gets shown the textarea. When the user is not logged in, a login popup dialog shows up.

The comment button itself doesn't have to change its L&F, only the way it handles its click. I've been thinking about ways to work around this: create all the comment buttons for the logged in state, which will trigger to show the comment box. Then copy this group of buttons again, and make it hidden. For these copied hidden buttons, implement the onclick to show a login dialog. Then when the users changes from logged in logged out show/hide the correct button group.

Quite a bit of work and can get messy. Is there a smarter way to do this?
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