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I’m very disappointed

What happened to "AOL My eAddress"?

I am wondering why you decided to remove AOL My eAddress ( from AOL Mail.

"AOL is not accepting any new registrations for the My eAddress product at this time. We are in the process of improving the product, and we expect to allow new registrations in the near future." is saying since 2 years?!

There's such a potential if you look at Google Apps or Microsoft's "Custom domains" service. 90% or more are individuals and they only need a single mail address. Come on, AOL team, please start up (again) a custom domain service. Users could easily change their MX record(s) to AOL's MX servers and could use as their main mail address from AOL Webmail.

Who really wants these days... or one of the tunome Domain names you own... if domain names are 5 bucks or less a year?

AOL customer support (chat) isn't very helpful: "I see. I don't have any information...".

If you won't revive AOL My eAddress just write it down so that people know they have to switch to MSFT or Google.
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