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"sleep for now" feature wanted

Ecobee has three settings you can program - home, away, and sleep. Then if you want to deviate temporarily from your program times, you can do a "quickchange" and press "home for now" or "away for now". Why isn't there an option for "sleep for now"? If you go to bed early, you have to either change your entire daily program or manually change the temperature. Can this be added?
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  • Hi Emily,
    Just to clarify, this is the support forum for developers using our API.

    Assuming you are aware of that and are asking how to do this using our API, the answer is yes it can be done.
    Take a look at the setHold function here: https://www.ecobee.com/home/developer...

    Specifically you can pass in the holdClimateRef value, such as "home" or in your case "sleep". This is exactly how we make those quick changes using the ecobee mobile app or web portal.

    Hope this helps,
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