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access control request (split system and settings)

Hello, my name is Sang woo Ham, and I am using multiple Ecobees to manage HVAC systems in multiple units in an apartment.
I want to request a feature for Ecobee thermostat (and I think this is important for someone who want to use Ecobee thermostats to manage multifamily houses).
In Access control, we can lock system & settings at the same time. However, I think system and settings should be split. For example, (1) Temperature&quick changes, (2) schedule, (3) vacation, (4) system, (5) settings.
In many cases, we observed most residents do not use schedule/vacation features, and they just turn on/off by using system menu (by choosing heat/cool/auto/off).
However, in our perspective, we don't want residents to change settings menu (but want to let residents control system menu).
Thus, what we did is not to lock any options, but sometimes residents change settings and reset registration.
I think some building owners want to use Ecobee thermostats to manage multiple apartment units (rent houses), so if you consider this feature seriously, this will be attractive for me and other people like me.
I appreciate if you can let me know this feature is feasible in near future.
Sang woo Ham
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