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Allow occupancy sensors to act as motion detectors for lights

The horrendous delay for the occupancy sensors to report motion makes them completely useless to triggering a light or any other automation based on motion. I believe HomeKit no longer sees this delay, but user of other platforms like Home Assistant are still stuck with the long delays. This limits many possibilities.
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  • I posted an idea that could address this very nicely. Not specifically for this issue - but this issue would be addressed as well. Allow the ecobee thermostats to publish their sensor data and status data to an MQTT broker. And MQTT broker can be setup VERY easily in your network and then home automation systems can use this MQTT data to trigger actions - like turning on light with motion and turning them off after no motion for a set amount of time. But addresses many other issues relating to home automation based on temp, humidity, option to remain LAN focused instead on WAN focused on the API - which can add delays or outright not work if their systems are having difficulty. Here's a link to my post:
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