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Calendar Event : Ecobee thermostat showing different values than website

I recently used the API to successfully create a calendar event, I have verified that the event was created both through the website management tool, and the ecobee thermostat directly.

The issue that now presents itself is that the two tools are showing different temperature hold settings. The ecobee is correctly showing the values that I inputted (69 heat, 74 cold), but the website is showing (off heat, 74 cool).

I ran the same API script for another of our ecobees, and the website shows the temp settings at (69 heat, 68 cold) where the 69 is correct, but the 68 is the minimum value for our cold settings. As above, I was able to verify through the ecobee directly that the settings were set correctly at (69 heat, 74 cold).

A third testing on a third ecobee showed everything successful and correct through the website.

All three ecobees have the same preferences set up, and the API script was the same for all three.

I have also encountered the above when inputting the calendar event through the website tool itself. It will be successfully entered into the ecobee, but display incorrectly through the same website that was used to submit the event.

The main question I have is, in the event of a discrepancy, which one is more likely to be accurate, the website or the ecobee?

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