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Can heat or cool? Equipment status being returned as empty string.


I am following up on

I was researching the same question, which is how to tell if the underlying HVAC system is capable of heating and capable of cooling.

I believe the answer in the post from above is to check the equipment status string in the thermostat object. However, when I request the string, I receive equipment status but it is an empty string ("").

Given this, how can I understand if the system is capable of heating and cooling?
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    Hi Nate,

    The reason why you get an empty string is because Thermostat.equipmentStatus will only be populated for currently running equipment. See for details.

    If you just want to know if the system is capable of heating or cooling, try requesting for the Thermostat's Setting.heatStages and Setting.coolStages values. A value of 0 for heatStages will indicate that the system does not support heating. The same logic can be applied to determine whether or not the system is capable of cooling.

    Hope that helps,
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