Can the ecobee solve my issues??

I am considering purchasing a ecobee. I have a dual energy set up with a Lennox HP and oil fired furnace controlled by a White Rogers stat. While in defrost mode, my oil furnace kicks in 3 or 4 times for approx. a minute at a time. Really not sure what this does. The 1 minute run time is not sufficient time to permit a complete warm up cycle before really kicking in. Also, the oil furnace has a mind of its own and kicks in randomly at mild temps when the HP should easily accommodate the heat demand. I realize that the aux oil furnace should kick in when it senses a quick 2 degree differential drop in temp or when the stat is raised by 2 degrees or more. I'm not sure if this is stat related and if the ecobee could solve what appears to be unusual behaviours. Maybe its something else. I spoke with my HVAC guy and he says its normal. I beg to differ.
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