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Connected to WiFi, API shows disconnected

We are experiencing a problem with multiple ecobee 3 thermostats not being able to fully reconnect to servers after the WiFi configuration settings have been changed.

They were installed and configured a few months ago and have been working perfectly up until the wireless SSID was accidentally changed. This change went unnoticed for some time.

When the SSID was changed back to the original name, the ecobees reconnected but are not reporting current data through the ecobee API. In fact, they are still reporting they are disconnected through the object.

Here are some troubleshooting steps we've tried:

1. Unplugged them for a minute to reset power.
2. Removed and reconfigured the wireless network settings.
3. Used the wireless diagnostic tools to ping which passed.

We are trying to avoid performing factory resets or re-registering the thermostats to our account.

I would like to provide one of the ESNs to support staff via private message. I am hoping there is some way to run remote diagnostics.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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